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oc by lmsubscribing.Me as a chibi ~,~ by lmsubscribing



F2U :: Hatsune Miku icon by lmsubscribingI love my watchers by tRiBaLmArKiNgS

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Kiriban by thilie : 23,232

My Latest Submit ::
C: Michbutt by lmsubscribing


my OC - MADE BY LaDollBlanche ! by lmsubscribing
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..::Nice kitty by luisbc::..


Contest Entry-  lmsubscribing by rainscarce

Sphynx by luisbc
Headshot~2 by lmsubscribing

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Commission [lmsubscribing] by SomichiiSURPRISE GIFT FOR IMSUBSCRIBING by Somichiiicon trade Imsubscribing by chocobikiesImsubscribing by rainscarceImsuscribing Icon by alpaacas.lmsubscribing by jurimyComission l lmsubscribing l 1 by kee-ilaComission l lmsubscribing l 2 by kee-ilaComission l lmsubscribing l 3 by kee-ilaComission l lmsubscribing l 4 by kee-ilaComission l lmsubscribing l 5 by kee-ila.:lmsubscribing:. Art Trade by GrilledCheeeseImsubscribing by SereynityCM: lmsubscribing by NyamuAdopts[C]: Imsubscribing Headshot Pixel Icon by shiroyanya

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com | lmsubscribing by Winhdia

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletred: - not Started
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletyellow: - Started
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletpurple: - almost Done
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletblack: - need reference
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletblue: - Not paid yet
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletpink: - Done
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime :bulletorange: - Paid

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Orange ang Yellow Points by Pixelpiggie3 :iconm3talgear: - [2 Pixel icons,PPD2,PPD3] Pi PPD3 , Pi PPD2 :bulletred: :bulletorange:-90:points:
Pink Points by zara-leventhal :iconfluffymonstrosity: - [1 PPD3] Reverse :bulletred: :bulletorange:-55:points:
Blue Points by Pixelpiggie3 :iconjusace: - [Couple Pagedolls] Lynnette , 2 :bulletred: :bulletorange:-20:points:
Green Points by Pixelpiggie3 :iconayano27: - [2 Pagedolls] 1,3 :bulletred: :bulletorange:-30:points:
Blue Points by Pixelpiggie3 :iconmilkyparade-pon: - [Pagedoll] 1 :bulletred: :bulletorange:-35:points:
Orange ang Yellow Points by Pixelpiggie3 :iconmorrigan22: - [Pagedoll] James-white shirt+black jeans :bulletred: :bulletorange:-17:points:
Little Cat by luisbc

Waiting list for Commissions

:bulletpurple: :iconshinymai: - PI B4
:bulletblue: :iconlulu-king: - PPD B1
:bulletorange: :icondclxvl: - PPD B1
:bulletgreen: :iconcurlytop13: - PDS , PPD B1
:bulletred: :iconthe-nutkase: - PDS
:bulletblue: :iconsquitopus: - Pagedoll - B
:bulletpink: :iconstarlightcrystalz: - 2PPD B1
:bulletpurple: :iconirilakuma: - Pagedoll - B
:bulletgreen: :iconlucyninja98: - PI B1
:bulletred: :iconrubipastel: - Pagedoll - B
:bulletorange: :iconkiwi-pastel: - PI B1
:bulletblue: :iconfaintlaughter: - 3PI B1
:bulletyellow: :iconcupcake-kitty-chan: - 2PI B1
:bulletpink: :iconpasteldoveponyartist: - PI B1
:bulletpurple: :iconobaa-muru: - PI B1,PPD B1
:bulletgreen: :iconyuki-bunni: - PPD B1
:bulletorange: :iconmakorie: - PI B1
:bulletred: :iconyeonseb: - PI B1
:bulletblue: :iconice--chan: - PI B1
:bulletyellow: :iconpeachy-butt: - PI B1
:bulletpink: :iconkirita-chan: - PI B1
:bulletpurple: :iconarnesiia: - 2PPD B3
:bulletgreen: :iconmomoironeko-tan: - PI B1 , PPD B3
:bulletorange: :iconerickiwi: - PDS
:bulletblue: :iconabissh: - PDS , PI B1 , PI B4
:bulletyellow: :icondasuki-cookie: - Pagedoll - B
:bulletpink: :iconsonjalazovaart: - PDS / PI B4
:bulletpurple: :iconinui3ear: - PI B1
:bulletgreen: :iconellyu: - PDS
:bulletorange: :icongrossgoat: - Pagedoll - B
:bulletred: :iconexplosion245: -
:bulletblue: :iconmeadowdear: - 3PI B1
:bulletyellow: :iconullamaliztli: - PPD B1
:bulletpink: :iconmistress-siren: - PI B5
:bulletpurple: :iconacidreamingss: -
:bulletgreen: :iconpastelalpacas: - PI B1
:bulletorange: :iconask-spice-neru: - PI B1
:bulletred: :iconfae-chii: - PI B1
:bulletblue: :iconkodomo-illustrations: - PI B1
:bulletyellow: :iconaskmisssvalbard: - PI B1
:bulletpink: :iconkatakanakitsune: - B-PPD
:bulletpurple: :iconhetaliaxanime4ever: - PI B5
:bulletgreen: :iconkuredesu: - 2S-PPD
:bulletorange: :iconalwaysmowing: - PI B2
:bulletred: :icontheendlessvirus: - Pagedoll
:bulletblue: :iconjuju-bae: - Pagedoll
:bulletyellow: :iconzeryuo: - PPD B1
:bulletpink: :iconthewantedcupcake: - PDS , 1PPD B1
:bulletpurple: :iconkai45: - Chibi-s1
:bulletgreen: :icontheyamiclaxia: - Pagedoll
:bulletorange: :icontoonprincesszeldafan: - 2PI B4
:bulletred: :iconellyu: - PDS
:bulletblue: :icongrapeglowstickbaby: - PDS
:bulletyellow: :iconmei-saime: - PI B2
:bulletpink: :iconair0farie: - Chibi S3
:bulletpurple: :iconmollylollie7: - 2Headshots


Oct 30, 2014
10:01 am
Oct 27, 2014
2:34 pm
Oct 26, 2014
6:33 am
Oct 26, 2014
5:51 am
Oct 24, 2014
5:07 pm



Kiribian- 20,000!

Thu Jun 26, 2014, 2:27 PM

Winner :: Otenu

Kiribian at 20,000 page views!

If you manage to catch it, take a full screenshot and comment here in the journal / in my page or just send me a note with a link to the screenshot.

The winner will get a digital Chibi
Example :: Mocha-Bunny by lmsubscribing 

OR a Pagedoll

Good luck :)

Cheap Commission info

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 29, 2013, 2:56 PM

~Please note me or comment here if you want to be in my waiting list~
Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru
Want to Commission?? Note me about it :)

Pixel Pagedoll -[CLOSED]
Pixel Page doll(blink) : 75:points:
Example ~ Pixel doll - my OC by lmsubscribing

Pagedoll - [CLOSED]
Pagedoll : 60:points:
Example ~ Pagedoll-my oc by lmsubscribing,Pagedoll- my oc 2 by lmsubscribing,Inuyasha by lmsubscribing 

Style 2 - [CLOSED]

Meii :3 by lmsubscribing

Headshot - [CLOSED]
Headshot : 30:points:
Example ~ Headshot~ by lmsubscribing,Headshot~2 by lmsubscribing,C: Saint-Anime by lmsubscribing,C: Milkate by lmsubscribing

Page Doll
 Page Doll - BASE : 40:points:
Example ~C: The-PorcelainDoll by lmsubscribing,C: The-PorcelainDoll 2 by lmsubscribing,C: defokovocoloid by lmsubscribing,C: Michbutt by lmsubscribing

chibi : 75:points:
Example ~ ,CE: Link-of-the-twilight by lmsubscribing,C: Blazethecat321 by lmsubscribing,C: angelbebop8 by lmsubscribing

Style 2

chibi : 75:points:
Example~New chibi style~ by lmsubscribing,Elsa by lmsubscribing

Style 3

chibi : 70:points:
Example~ oc by lmsubscribing,Me as a chibi ~,~ by lmsubscribing

Full Body
Fully colored full body : 85:points:
Example ~ old OC - new outfit~ by lmsubscribing,C: joxerjettjace by lmsubscribing

Pixel Doll
Pixel Doll(Blink) : 30:points:
Example ~ C: Eros [1/5] by lmsubscribing,C: Roxyamari by lmsubscribing,C: RavenPhantomhive [3/4] by lmsubscribing,C: CauseImAwesomeXD by lmsubscribing,C: SeikoVanM [2/5] by lmsubscribing

Pixel Page Doll
Base 1 - [CLOSED]
Pixel Page Doll(Blink) : 35:points:
Example ~ C: Nimowei [4/4] by lmsubscribing,C: red-madness [2/2] by lmsubscribing,C: pumini [1/7] by lmsubscribing,C: Vamps [2/2] by lmsubscribing

Base 2 - [CLOSED]
Pixel Page Doll(Blink) : 15:points:
Example ~ Pixel Page Doll by lmsubscribing

Base 3 - [CLOSED]
Pixel Page Doll(Blink) : 55:points:
Example ~ C: LadyMalirra by lmsubscribing

Pixel icon
Base 1- [CLOSED]
Pixel icon(Blink) : 65:points:
Example ~ ..::-Pixel icons batch-::.. by lmsubscribing
Base 2 - [CLOSED]
Pixel icon(blink) : 15:points:
Example ~ Pixel icon 3 by lmsubscribing,Pixel icon for me by lmsubscribing
Base 3 - [CLOSED]
Pixel icon : 25:points:
Example ~ C: Pixel icons by lmsubscribing
Base 4 - [CLOSED]
 Pixel icon(blink) : 40:points:
Example ~ Pixel icon-my OC by lmsubscribing,Pixel icon for me~ by lmsubscribing,F2U Pixel icon-Miku by lmsubscribing,C: Danny by lmsubscribing,C: Pixel icons Batch by lmsubscribing,C: Pixel icons batch by lmsubscribing
Base 5 - [CLOSED]
Pixel icon(blink) : 55:points:
Example ~ ~Pixel icons Batch~ by lmsubscribing

Kawaii Button: Request Closed by miemie-chan3 DA Button: Art Trades Closed by miemie-chan3

Want to Commission??  Note me the info :

-OC picture
-with/without background
-What you want me to draw

Open Adoptables :)

Custom Adopt : 100-300:points: - [CLOSED
Example ~ Adoptable ~ [SOLD] by lmsubscribing,Adoptable - [SOLD] by lmsubscribingAdoptable - [CLOSED] by lmsubscribingAdoptables batch - [Offer to adopt] - [OPEN] by lmsubscribing
info you need to fill :
- Gender
- human/mixed/anthro
- colors you want
- other info I should know


lmsubscribing has started a donation pool!
5,160 / 5,555
Current Balance : 1594:points: ><

Meii :3 by lmsubscribing
Pagedoll- my oc 2 by lmsubscribingPagedoll-my oc by lmsubscribing
Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru
Want to Commission?? Note me about it :)

Kawaii Button: Request Closed by miemie-chan3 DA Button: Art Trades Closed by miemie-chan3


V~Pay here for Commissions~V

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Avatar by ~ :iconshiroyanya:
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My birthday badge

Sweet puppy by luisbc
~Main OC's~
Commission 5 by TaSaMaBi Commission 2 by TaSaMaBi Commission 1 by TaSaMaBi Commission for by TaSaMaBi


~Other OC's~
Commission 3 by TaSaMaBi Commission 4 by TaSaMaBi Commission 6 by TaSaMaBi Commission 7 by TaSaMaBi Commission 8 by TaSaMaBi Commission 9 by TaSaMaBi Commission 10 by TaSaMaBi commission for by TaSaMaBi

:heart: Thank you TaSaMaBi for all the cute chibis :heart:


My dog - Mini by lmsubscribing



C: Pixel icons batch by lmsubscribingPixel icon for me~ by lmsubscribingF2U Pixel icon-Miku by lmsubscribingC: Danny by lmsubscribingicon for me +1 free- closed by lmsubscribingjust practice ~,~ by lmsubscribingPixel icon~ by lmsubscribingF2U :: Hatsune Miku icon by lmsubscribing
Pixel icon - Miku by lmsubscribingPixel icon - My OC by lmsubscribingC: ToastyBits by lmsubscribingC: Kuraudia-Nunyesu [1/3] by lmsubscribingC: Pixel icons batch by lmsubscribingPixel icons batch by lmsubscribing..::-Pixel icons batch-::.. by lmsubscribing
C: nicolepetlover by lmsubscribingC: arisaxkureno [1+2/3] by lmsubscribing: Pixel icons Batch : by lmsubscribing~Pixel icons Batch~ by lmsubscribingPixel icons batch~ by lmsubscribing



Contest Entry::lmsubscribing by EnyHimawari


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